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Which Dial-a-fix functions did you run? Did you go into the Tools menu and run "Reinstall Automatic Update Service" and "Reinstall BITS"?

I will try it thnx

ok, now i dont get error but it says cannot install updates, I will search forum because i think i seen this post somewhere, thank you Greenknight.

ok the updates window just stays blank for a bout 20 minutes then. it tells me that they all were not installed.

i can run dial afix again but can you tell me how to sop it from staying at "stopping cryptsvc" cuz it stays there for ever


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This really belongs in the Dial-a-fix forum. :)

I doubt running Dial-a-fix again will do any more than it already did, but I suppose it couldn't hurt. You could uncheck "Fix SSL/HTTPS/Cryptsrvc" if that part takes too long; it's not really relevant to your problem.

You could try the "Repair permissions" tool, too, which also couldn't hurt...but probably won't help.

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That is quite ok, hope you get better. I wish i remembered what i did(and i dont have the flu..just forgetful..lol) but anways I fixed it and its up and running so far...thnx a bunch for the advice you guys have a super site!!!

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