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Dial-A-Fix gets to 'Fix SSL/HTTPS/CRYPTSVC' and won't go beyond. It succeeds in Stop Srvices but that is it.

When I tried to reinstall IE7 I got a message saying - unable to verify integrity of files needed to install - make sure cryptography service is running on this computer

So, obviously cryptsvc has some kind of a problem

I can't use the Windows XP installation disk for repair because the OS has been updated a few times and is no longer the same as when installed.

How do I make sure cryptsvc is actually running?

How do I get dial-a-fix to keep going? (past cryptsvc)

How do I get IE reinstalled? (I need this because our government (Canada) web site won't accept anything but IE)

Using: Win XP home - Firefox 3 - trying for IE7 (also) -

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