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Official Microsoft source for Product ID information


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Hi, :)

I am a new member here (but have been lurking for a while) and want to first thank everyone for some really great info.

Next is my question. I've seen the wiki page for the http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Product_IDs and it was really helpful. I'm in the process of trying to find out who formatted and reinstalled Windows XP (potentially erasing critical data) on a computer at my place of business.

The in-house IT person conducting the investigation reported:

"The product ID for Windows XP installed on XXXX was 76487?640?XXXXXXX?XXXXX. This product ID corresponds to the product ? Windows XP

Pro Service pack 2 ? and was a retail purchase based on the first 5 digits ??76487. The second, three number set indicates that this was a volume license, which is normally an indication that it was not pre?installed on a purchased machine."

Based on this information, they determined that Windows XP was installed using a single-user retail CD. After reading the wiki page, it looks like they are wrong: 76487 with the 640 channel ID means that it was installed with an XP Pro volume license CD.

I think our bozo IT people are trying to cover their behinds by blaming their error on a non-IT employee. The people in charge say they need "real" product ID info (e.g. from Microsoft) to refute the report (they won't believe the wiki page erm.png ). My attempts so far with Microsoft to get this info by providing the full product ID have been unsuccessful--basically they keep sending me this email saying "Products purchased under a Select License Agreement or Software

Assurance Home Use Program are not eligible for no-charge support; Not Supported; Package Name: Windows XP Professional English NA CD w/SP2; SKU: E85-02665".

So, can anyone tell me where or how I can get this information about what the product IDs mean--specifically the one in question? The supervisor route at Microsoft support hasn't been helpful, either.

A million thanks!


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... and was a retail purchase based on the first 5 digits ??76487 ...

That's complete and utter rubbish.

The only thing you know from 76487 is that the product is Windows XP, with Service Pack integrated.

OEM = 76487

Retail = 76487

Volume License = 76487

There's no difference.

One way you are going to be able to prove this is to produce the original CD's. That's how I have just verified the above. All three versions have the same product code embedded in the setup file: 76487.

As Tarun says, you can also cross-check with a Google search. Most of the results returned are from the Microsoft piracy detection tool (MGADiag.exe) which can be freely downloaded.


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