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Reinstalling explorer


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Reinstall IE should take a couple minutes. Dial-a-fix doesn't yet support IE 8, though; if you've updated to IE 8, it can't reinstall or repair it.

I don't think the problem you describe with your desktop has anything to do with IE, however. I'm not quite clear on what you mean by "lost my desktop" - is your account listed on the Welcome screen when you boot up? Go to the Control Panel > User Accounts - is your account listed there?

If your account's been deleted, you could try a System Restore to a point before this problem started - not sure that will help, but it couldn't hurt.

If your account is still there, but your desktop just isn't displaying, try running an SFC scan (you'll need and XP Home install CD). SFC Purge and SFC Scan are at the bottom of the Dial-a-fix Tools menu (click the hammer icon). First do SFC Purge, when that's finished do SFC Scan. After it's been running a few minutes it will probably ask for the install media; put the CD in and click "Retry". If you get a screen that says "What do you want to do?", just close it. Then kick back and relax, 'cause it'll take a few minutes; nothing left for you to do but take out the disc when it's finished.

Hope this helps - let us know how it goes.

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