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Searching by date

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I used to be able to search an IP.Board by date, irrespective of content.

The current Advanced Search dialog provides handy calendar drop-boxes to specify a starting and ending date, but the search then fails because I have left the keywords blank.

What I am trying to do is to search for ALL posts that have been made in the last X days - where X is a small number such as 2 or 7 (meaning all posts in the last 2 days or last 7 days).

Is this still possible? If so, how do I do it?

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It seems as though you'll need to populate the date textboxes on your own. They changed the way you could search and the view new content due to customer feedback, so they might add these options too depending on demand.

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I found the answer to my problem at the Invision IP.Board forums.

Apparently this was removed on IP.Board 3.0.0 and will return on 3.0.2.

See this topic on their forum: http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/288226-view-latest-posts-24-hour-limit/.

Post #3 is exactly what I want to do

Post #4 by Josh (Developer) says 3.0.2 is needed.


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Testing Advanced Search... ;) (fail)

Testing View New Content... ;) (fail)

Testing Today's Active Content... ;) (success)

Right, it's not quite the same way I did it on IP.Board 2.x, but here's how it now works:

  1. On the main page, below the list of forums, click Today's Active Content;
  2. On the new page, at bottom-right, open up the Active in the last... drop-list;
  3. Select. The options are 24 hours, week, 2 weeks, month, 6 months, year;
  4. Click the Go button.

Bug: (there's always one!) The top of the page always says "Active content in the last 24 hours" even if it's something else. The bug is only cosmetic.

Thanks, Tarun.


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Ooops, there's several more bugs:

(1) This one is cosmetic: Under the fixed Active content in the last 24 hours is a second line that reads "There have been nn entries in the last aaaaaaa, where aaaaaaa represents the drop-list selection. However, (looking at the generated HTML for the drop-list) Invision have used the value for the option in the FORM, instead of the Human-readable text.

(2) This one is serious: if the results go over more than one page, you can only see the first page. Clicking for the second page destroys the options that you selected and you get nothing. Try setting 2 weeks, then go to the second page and you'll soon see the problem.


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