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Windows Vista SP2 Compcln Post SP2 (and SP1) Cleanup Tool


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Compcln.exe is an optional tool that you can run after you install SP2. This tool removes older versions of components that have been updated in SP2, which are stored during the installation in case you need to uninstall SP2 later. Saving these older components increases the amount of disk space that is used. Typically, you should run Compcln.exe if you want to reclaim this disk space after applying SP2 and if you will not need to uninstall SP2. Note, however, that you cannot uninstall SP2 after you run this tool. You can use this tool both online and offline, but you must have SP2 installed and you must use the correct version of the tool. If you are running this file on an offline image, you should use the Compcln.exe included in the Windows OPK or AIK. However, if you are running this file online (on a computer that you are booted into), you should use the Compcln.exe file located at %windir%\system32\Compcln.exe.

This is much like the Windows Vista SP1 File Removal tool (Vsp1cln.exe).

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