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Thank you Microsoft!

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The GNU General Public License (GPL) is a copyright license written in 1989 with the goal to ensure that users have the right to the freedom to run program for any purpose, study and modify the program, copy and (re)distribute the program, and improve the program.

Microsoft have not been found of this license, and they have described it as anti-American and as viral. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer have described it as a cancer.

Microsoft has also long been fighting Linux, by spreading FUD, fueling patent trolls such as SCO with money, etc.

Now in a move of surprise, it seems hell have frozen over. Microsoft actually contributed device drivers to Linux and released it under the GNU GPL. The device drivers are Hyper-V related and increases the performance of Linux while running virtualized under Hyper-V, a Microsoft hypervisor software.

Thank you Microsoft. You sure took me by surprise. Never thought I'd see this day coming. To quote CNet: "The gods must be crazy".



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