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No Audio in Windows Media Center


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Hi everyone, I'm running Vista Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron just 16 months old. I bought a set of Logitech Digital Speakers because I find the sound on the Dell too low. All worked fine until a couple of days ago until I plugged the speakers in and there was no sound. An error pop up says Component Registration Failure. Some files needed to play audio or video are missing or corrupt. WMC component registration may have failed.

Tried to contact Microsoft but the camel and the eye of the needle story comes to mind there!! Tried all sorts of suggestions on the Dell forum, nothing has worked. Been at this now for two days and going nuts.

Is there no way for me to uninstall Media Center (pre installed on laptop by Dell) and re install it. Or is there any other way of playing DVDs without buying an expensive player. Single mum with teenager so no spare cash.

Thank you all for listening...

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