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Our forum software has been updated to the latest available version.

Major Changes Since 3.0.2

Among many dozens of smaller bugs fixed, the following large changes and fixes have been made in the 3.0.3 release:

  • New option for dealing with members marked as spam: Unapprove posts, clear profile data and ban user
  • Ability to mark members as spammers from the Manage Validating Queue in the ACP
  • Added ability to edit status and about me information from moderator edit member page
  • Profile screen now displays member's email address if viewer is an administrator
  • OpenID now supports PHP 5.3.0

Full changelog:

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That's quite a long list for a minor (3.0.2 -> 3.0.3) upgrade.

I see that the Active Content bugs I reported have been fixed. :P

Issue #17576/#17577 is the first bug. Issue #17800 is the second bug.

New option for banning spammers should make Global Mods life a little easier. :D

(I'm a Global Mod on another board.)

Thanks for the update.


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Trying to edit the post above, to see if it would happen again, got messed up and accidentally created another post almost the same as the first. So I edited this post - and when I click "Use Full Editor" now, nothing happens at all.

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