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Windows XP

Craig A Taylor

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Hello, Maybe you could help with an issue. My windows Installer keeps trying to install a program thats already installed. I recently took in my PC because of a internet connection issue. It wouldn't connect no matter what was tried. So I bit the bullet and took it in. It was an easy fix apparently and they had some extra time. So they decided to help me with a re-occuring issue. It seems that the Rixio Media Player that I recieved with my Blackberry software bundle kept trying to install after a reboot. I would use the Task manager and stop the process. I wouldn't have to deal with the problem until the next Boot. Maybe not the best way to handle the issue, But I do get sick of chaseing issues with computers. So now the thing is supposidly fixed and I bring it home and,NOW, Crazy, flashy windows installer messages randomly flash on my screen. So I call the place and he tells me that He's leaving for a week Vacation and he can get to it when he gets back. Frankly, I would get fired from my job for such a thing. Bastard!So I'm stuck with this slug for at least a week. Can anyone help me? Please! CT

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