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Green Dam 1.2

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[03oct09] Green Dam, the program that is said to 'just' censor Chinese internet users but in effect is just plain spyware, has suffered another blow. After the Chinese government grudgingly decided that Green Dam 'had some issues' (read: security holes), the implementation was postponed, probably indefinitely. Schools and other government controlled institutions however are still forced to keep Green Dam on their computers. But freedom beckons because some Chinese schools have started removing the Green Dam censorship filter in defiance of a government order that they should use it.

But now the first program that really fights back has been published: Dam Burst 1.2 has been developed by security researcher Jon Oberheide and it allows unprivileged users to disable the ‘censorware’ by removing the hooks that enable it to monitor and block user activity, effectively restoring running applications to their original uncensored state.

More info and download here.

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