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How to run MSRT the simplest way possible

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Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool (or MSRT) is a small on-demand scanner that checks your computer for some specific infections. The little program is not at all a replacement for your regular anti-virus program but can detect and remove some very bothersome malware.

The latest version of the MSRT is downloaded every second Tuesday every month to your computer via the regular Microsoft Updates but then it kind of disappears from your view. So, the question is how do you run the MSRT the simplest way possible?

The solution is:

Hit 'Start'

Hit 'Run'

Type mrt /f (just copy and paste)

Story here.

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Thanks fredvries for the helpful information - much appreciated. :P

If you're the reading type then all the information about this tool can be found here - KB890830 aka MSRT, but, if you want to cut to the chase here are the switches available:


...Displays a dialog box that lists the command-line switches.

/Q or /quiet

...Uses quiet mode. This option suppresses the user interface of the tool.


...Runs in detect-only mode. In this mode, malicious software will be reported to the user, but it will not be removed.


...Forces an extended scan of the computer.


...Forces an extended scan of the computer and automatically cleans any infections that are found.

I know another forum that may benefit from this reminder, thanks again fredvries.

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