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Important changes coming in the near future

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Lunarsoft is going to have several significant changes coming within the next few months. These changes will definitely add a lot to our site. As always, we strive to keep our content as quality over quantity.

The following changes are expected to come within the next few months.

Lunarsoft Forums

Some great new additions are coming in IP.Board 3.1, such as better Facebook integration. Twitter logins will now be supported also. Users will be able to customize their profile pages too. The search feature will be improved over previous versions, along with numerous bug fixes.

Update: June 1, 2010 IP.Board 3.1.0 will be released. At this time we will upgrade the forum software.

Lunarsoft Wiki

The Lunarsoft Wiki will be updated once the final version of 1.16 is out. Important changes or updates will be mentioned at the time of the final release. In addition we will feature a new theme called Vector. You can read more about it here.

Update: July 28, 2010 the Lunarsoft Wiki has been updated to 1.16. Since we now have a custom theme to match our forums we will not switch to Vector at this time.

Lunarsoft Frontpage

Currently the software we use for the frontpage is in the beta 1 stage. The date for the 1.6 release is currently unknown, but it will most likely be the last update to take place on Lunarsoft. As with the wiki, important changes will be mentioned at the time of release.

As Lunarsoft strives to keep our content as quality over quantity. We also want to keep every page our users see as being fast to load and easy on the eyes. We do our best to keep everything friendly to all browsers and Internet connections, including dial-up. As a part of this we keep Lunarsoft completely free of advertisements. Unfortunately there are numerous expenses to cover. This is where donations help immensely. Your donations help keep Lunarsoft free from advertisements and allow us to expand on the quality of content and how it is delivered. So please, donate to Lunarsoft today, even five dollars can help us in the long run. ;)

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The upcoming changes sound promising. ;)

If it is at all possible, can you make sure to keep the ability to see previous posts when switching to 'Use Full Editor' when posting.

As an example, I used to spend a lot of time at autopatcher.com, when posting, if using the quick editor you would of course see the

previous posts above, but clicking 'Use Full Editor' would take you to an isolated editing page and this made referencing previous post

info impossible. I didn't find a fix and my question was never answered, I may have missed a setting but it was not from lack of trying.

In comparison, I'm using the 'Full Editor' and I can see your post below the editing pane under 'Topic Summary'. Anyway, just a request. ;)

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Mike, the ability to see previous posts will still be there in 3.1 (as of Beta 3) and it's to my understanding that it's feature locked, so it should be there through 3.1's release. ;)

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