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Windows Font Viewer / Manager


If you have been searching for an alternative to the somewhat clumsy way Windows handles working with fonts, NexusFont may be

the tool for you.

NexusFont Features:

  • Supports TrueType, OpenType, Adobe Type1 Fonts
  • Install, Uninstall Fonts
  • Find Duplicates, Add Tags
  • Print, Export as Image
  • Anti-Aliasing, Rename, Multi-Language Support
  • Intuitive Search Tool
  • Create Groups and Sets
  • Supports Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7
  • Small, Free, and Portable (zip version)

Download: NexusFont v2.5.2 (.zip)

NexusFont Help: Online Help in English

Homepage: NexusFont on the Web

Note: NexusFont will want to check for updates, creating a 'Rule' within your firewall is adequate, but an extra step will add a bit of

assurance (assuming you care that the app will want to check). A small edit to the .ini file is needed...

  • Locate nexusfont.ini in the \userdata folder. Open the .ini file with any text editor
  • Scroll to the [Program] section and look for -> CheckUpdate=1 -> make this change -> CheckUpdate=0
  • Save the Changes. If you don't see an .ini file, NexusFont may need to run first to create it, this is the time to create the firewall rule

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Update: May 31, 2010

NexusFont v2.5.3

Download: NexusFont v2.5.3 (.zip)

- Added: Include fonts in subfolders (View > Include Subfolders)

- Fixed: Settings are changed after restoring from minimized window with 'hide when minized'.

- Several bugs are fixed

Note: If you are using the .zip version, simply extract the contents of the new zip file over the existing folder \nexusfont2.5, agree

to overwrite the existing files. If you edited the .ini file, the file should remain unchanged - the \userdata folder is not affected.

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