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Well, now something you have done in the Common.css has totally disabled the top links. I can't edit, other than to use the dif/history links in logs. And yes, the placement of those links is too low. You can't have the personal links overlapping....


Also, I can't find a single page where I can edit by section, and I don't know exactly why, but you really need to change that. Having to edit the entire page anytime you want to make even a minor change to something is seriously annoying.

Native resolution:1920x1080

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What browser is displaying it like that? I haven't seen anything overlapping. If you know the CSS that will fix it, let me know.

Also I don't know why editing by sections is not available. Will look into it.

Edit: Edit sections should be fixed now, check your preferences.

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I am using FireFox 3.6.3. When I try to click on the top tabs, it highlights my username. You need to raise the personal links so they are not in the same space. It appears you are trying to get them on the same line, and that just doesn't work.

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