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Welcome! If you're reading this post you may very well be interested in being a part of our staff. We're in need of both Editors and Site Developers.

For our Editors, age is no issue but maturity needs to be expressed in the writing. Ideal candidates will write original articles for the frontpage and it's subsections.

If you have any experience, tell us about it. If you have a sample of previous work that's an asset as well. Proper English, spelling and grammar skills are a must. Spellchecking documents is fine and even recommended if you feel unsure.

Websites such as BetaNews are excellent for news.

    For the News:
  • Reference the website where the news is coming from.
  • If you are posting something like software that can be downloaded, please refer to the template for the proper order.
  • Beta software should have a red bolded warning at the bottom near the download link that Lunarsoft is not responsible for any damages to a user's computer.
  • Optional: You can write your own story/spin on the story. At the end of your news topic you may also note your personal opinion, though keep it PG rated.

    For the Reviews:
  • In depth reviews. A couple paragraphs work great, though try not to exceed four pages.
  • Clear, crisp and small screenshots. Remember, dialup users will read these too.
  • General understanding of software/hardware.
  • Details about what stands out about what you review. If you like something, tell us why you like it and why you feel the user would also like it.
  • Being neutral when you start reviewing a product.

For Site Devs we are looking for people skilled in the areas of website development (CSS, PHP, and HTML) and graphical editing. This includes working with Photoshop or any other graphic rendering application to create a wide array of graphics. But don't worry, if you specialize in graphics only, or website development only you can still apply. :)

    Some examples of graphics will be:
  • Forum ranks
  • Forum buttons
  • Forum images
  • Frontpage images
  • Themes/skins for the frontpage, forums and wiki.
  • And more...!

    Examples for our web development would be:
  • Themes/skins for the frontpage, forums and wiki.
  • Additional pages that would be viewed externally.

You can apply here or via a PM to me.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this!


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