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February 2011

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Finally replaced my Christmas wallpaper, shortly after we got the Christmas tree taken down - a few days ago, in other words. Got a shot of the Painted Badlands in Death Valley from the National Park Service website. When I get tired of the rain, I can look at this and consider why it's not so bad. The terrain in this picture is very similar to this area, except here it's all covered with trees...

You may note I'm using a higher resolution, got a better monitor. Still only 15", but it's an LCD - much sharper than the old CRT we did have. A freebie, not new but a big improvement.

You might also notice some new icons, like the Firefox external profile manager beta I've been trying out. That little blue shield in the system tray is SpyShelter Personal Free, a security app I'm giving a try. I'll post more about these another day.

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