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Finally Got In :)


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I tried to join this forum a few years ago, but had a problem getting the confirmation email. This time I tried a different email and got right in. I know a few of the members here from a different forum, and they were very knowledgeable, so I hope they're still around. I'm having a major computer problem right now, which I'll go post it in the Vista forum.

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If you - or anyone else for that matter - has problems with the forums and cannot register/post, send me an e-mail. My e-mail can also be found in the donate page where it's protected from spambots. :)

I'll also look into adding a Contact Us form that will be able to reach me as well. I think I know of one, so I'll see what I can do.

Edit: Found several, most are pay ($25.00+) but one is free. I'll give the free one a shot and hope for the best. Hope they add something like this into 3.2 which hopefully will be out soon.

Edit2: Well, no wonder that free one was free. Bleh.

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