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June 2011

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Since the weather's getting warm, time to get out of the sun; got Mila Kunis sitting in a nice, shady spot:

The scrollwork I drew with Inkscape Lite on Puppy Linux (live CD). It's an SVG editor, but will export a bitmap as a PNG which you can work with in pixel-based graphics programs. I exported it as scroll.png and copied it to my USB stick - since it's formatted to FAT32 I can use it as a shared partition between Linux and Windows. Rebooted to XP, opened the file in the GIMP, cleaned it up and colored it, and pasted it into the wallpaper. All very simple, drag and drop, no command line needed. Why does anyone still think Linux is hard?

I did the drawing with just Inkscape's Spiral tool. To get the ribbon-like effect, the larger spirals are really 2 spirals that are not quite parallel.

It's really fun to play with. :thumbsup_anim:

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