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No, and not likely to, because Google is making ALL profiles public as part of Google+

Any that are not public will be deleted at the end of this month.

If you haven't reviewed your Google Account settings lately, you should check sooner rather than later.

See the writeup from The F-Secure AV people, who consider this a Google privacy failure: Is this a Google privacy fail?


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I recently watched an interview with a guy who I think was an original founder (don't remember the name), anyway, to listen to him you would come away thinking Google is a noble enterprise (maybe in the beginning), wanting the world to get at the information they're in search of, what has happened is Google has become a monolith, too powerful, and now they realize information is worth lots of money - the result (IMO), they're willing to (and do) make the users of their services worry constantly about the safety of the information by offering it to the highest bidder.

Again, it has been said over and over - don't put anything on the internet if you have concern over prying eyes, at some point this information will be found through hacking, carelessness, Google [bot], Bing [bot], or Yahoo [bot].

JMO :)

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