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Toxic on line sureys

Old Bear

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How THEE HECK can I block the barrage of online surveys that pop up (despite pop up blockers) from various sites which frequently include the name of the site I am using. They claim there is an unsubscibe feature at the bottom of the page - but there are none. This has become a very serious problem.

I have gone to Tools, privacy, sites, and attempted to place them on the 'always block' list but they keep on coming.

If this is not the right place to ask this question please forgive my ignorance and point me in the right direction -


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Firefox with Adblock Plus & the EasyList subscription and also NoScript blocks just about everything.

You could also try blocking third-party cookies (but Windows Live & Hotmail need third-party cookies turned on, so you'll be constantly checking/unchecking the "Accept third-party cookies" option if you use Live/Hotmail)

Or, if you stick with IE, try raising the privacy setting from Medium to Medium-High or High.

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