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[Updated] Mirage Anti-Bot 2.0


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Mirage Anti-Bot has been updated to version 2.0

Mirage Anti-Bot is protecting users against ZeuS, SpyEye, Palevo and some related malware. Mirage Anti-Bot will be downloading and installing one or more blocklists from www.abuse.ch, a reputable Swiss-based anti-malware website. This effectively stops your computer from reaching infected sites, thus minimizing the risk to be infected with this extremely dangerous type of malware.

We have listened closely to our users and as a result Mirage Anti-Bot 2.0 has several new features.


[+] Installer

[+] New GUI, More pro

[+] Starts with Windows

[+] Protects you against Palevo botnet

[+] Protects you against SpyEye botnet

[+] Confirm on quit

[+] Limit exceed bug fixed, now it grabs data locally using SSL

[+] Proxy authentification added

More info here.

Downloadable here.

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Yes, Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) or its baby brother Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT) are quite good are cleaning the worst offenders but Mirage Anti-Bot doesn't clean (yet). Mirage Anti-Bot 2.0 prevents you from getting to infected sites thus you cannot get infected in the first place. Remember that most infection with Zeus, SpyEye or Palevo occur because users click on nice attachments that are sent to them by infected 'friends'.

Mirage Anti-Bot should be regarded as an extra layer of security.

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Variations on Palevo spread by IM, P2P and removable drives (flash drives) rather than by email.

The list that MRT deals with is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/890830 but you won't find the word "Palevo" in the list because Microsoft refers to it as Rimecud, Pushbot, Rbot or Zbot instead, depending on which variant is detected.


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