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Free Parental Logging Software - Any Suggestions?

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I haven't posed here in ages (hope to change that soon!), but for the moment need some recommendations on good parental logging software. My mum wants to know what sites are being viewed by my younger sister, and she knows that my sis can delete history and enable private browsing mode with ease!

Any recommendations for some good, free parental logging software, that records everything viewed on the internet? We use Firefox on the pc, and prefeerably looking for software that has basic password protection to turn on and off.

Many thanks!

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Most parental control software that works, isn't free.

However, two free alternatives you might consider are:

I've not used either of them myself, but you can find PC Mag reviews here:

Another free thing you could do is switch your DNS provider to OpenDNS, create an account and then use your OpenDNS Dashboard to set up blocking by category. The reporting will list every single accessed domain, both allowed access and blocked, but not the exact date and time of access of each domain or each web page.


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I my opinion spying on your kids is kind of bad parenting.

As a parent myself, you should try to educate your kids on the dangers on internet and should restrict the amount of time they spoil behind their computer. Parents should learn to trust their sons and daughters a bit more.

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