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Thunderbird is a fast, flexible e-mail client. You can quickly search through your e-mails, worry less about spam thanks to the spam filters, and even customize how you view Thunderbird. Thunderbird works with most Firefox add-ons as well, adding more content to your e-mail client. Thunderbird makes the e-mail experience fun again.

Download: Thunderbird 12.0 | Other Systems and Languages

Changes: Release Notes

Homepage: Thunderbird

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Thunderbird 12.0.1 has now been released, which fixes

  • "various issues relating to new mail notifications and filtering on POP3 based accounts";
  • "an occasional startup crash seen in TB 12.0";
  • "an issue with corrrupted message bodies when using movemail".


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You are not alone in thinking that the TB 13 tabs are wierd.

One user described the rectangular style as going "back to Windows 95" and "out of place" for Windows 7.

There's a half-dozen bugs been filed about tabs looking wrong, in various ways, because the CSS property "border-image" has changed its definition and/or syntax at some time over the last few years/months, which broke the tabs on both Fx and TB.

On Mac OSX the borders are also wrong, but in a different way. For example, the icons were not fully inside the tab. That bug is referenced in the Release Notes (see http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/13.0beta/releasenotes/) and is now showing as "RESOLVED FIXED".

I've been reading the comments in the relevant Bugzilla bug reports, but it's difficult to follow exactly what's been happening on this particular bug. It looks to me like one of the patches on border-images got backed-out at the last minute and the fall-out seems to have been better controlled on Firefox than on Thunderbird.


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