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Board Issue: read posts become unread

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I've noticed recently that sometimes one or two older posts that I have already read some time ago are re-appearing as unread when I next login.

Today, there are two posts showing:-

  1. Windows XP >> Need a .dll file ()
  2. Gamer's Hangout >> Mass Effect 3 ()

However, if I select the View New Content link and then Content I have not read they do not show up.

Are these posts/topics that have been (silently) edited or is it a new bug in IP.Board?


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  • Administrator

I noticed this occurring once. It has not occurred since. The next update to IP.Board is out soon and it may address the issue. I'll check the Tracker also.

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  • Administrator

That happened to me as well. I'll have to check into it more as soon as I can.

Edit (making a new post so this edit gets attention)

This is a known issue, and a very strange one at that. According to the team it will be resolved in the next release... ...they hope. :P


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