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Microsoft Garage slogan is "Do epic s#!t!"

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Microsoft isn't exactly known for its underground hacker culture, but a recent effort to give its employees more slack is generating some wild experiments.

In 2009, Microsoft came up with a concept called "The Garage." It's essentially Microsoft's answer to Google's famous "20% time" -- the longstanding Google initiative that lets its employees work on projects unrelated to their primary jobs in their spare time.

Microsoft's Garage does that too, only in a physical space. Last summer, Microsoft completed a redesign of one of its original buildings on campus -- Building 4, where Bill Gates' office used to be -- into a laid-back workshop where staff can tinker with things. It's open to anyone, anytime, and it's got everything from a hardware workshop to an actual working garage door.

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I like the idea, I like the concept, I like the slogan.

Many times I've heard before that Microsoft is a place that kills innovation.

I think it is great that Microsoft gives employes time to mess around, fool around, try out stuff that will never work, and have a fun time doing cool things, and maybe develop something really cool and great.

But Microsoft should know that open source is a big part of hacker culture too.

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