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Is There an alternative to Media Player?


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I used to be a hardcore Winamp fan (was using Winamp since 1.0 till 5.92 *I think..* lol) but i'm with rridgly on this, I like Foobar because its really low on system resources. and can play music while playin games.

I personally use the following 3 plugins:

1 - ColumnsUI

2 - Pause On Lock (pauses Music when you lock your screen *windows key + L* then resume when you come back...)

3 - Delete which will Delete the actual Mp3 from your hard drive incase of duplicate files, or a song you don't like anymore.

by the way, i find setting hotkeys to do the volume control to be the best option since there is no volume control on the main screen... set hotkeys as global so foobar doesn't have to have focus to use the hotkey.

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yes, by default + and - keys are for volume, however the program must have the focus or it won't do anything.

I got 6 keys in my upper right corner, which allow me to do pretty much whatever i want from there..

1 & 2. volume up and down.. doesn't change the system volume.. so if i just want to lower the volume and listen to the game or listen to people on ventrilo.

3. Mute. Pauses the player, thus pretty much making it like the player isn't running.. keeping windows sounds still active, so if i don't want to listen to music anymore.. i just hit that insted of minimizing and turning it off.

4. Internet. Left button, use for Previous Track.

5. Email. Middle Button, use for Next Track.

6. Search. used to play a random track.

heres a post from neowin.. showing diffrent customizations..


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