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Rift to become free to play

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Yes - free players will have access to all parts of the game, be able to earn any kind of stat-granting gear that paying players can. They insist that it will not be pay-to-win.,


Will enough players be willing to pay for perks like more character slots, more bag slots (carry more loot before you have to sell it), bonuses to experience, game currency, and mount speed? Probably - a lot of players would pay just to get a faster mount. :lol:


Only those who buy the Storm Legion expansion will have access to the Storm Legion souls. These are basically skill trees used in building a character spec; each character combines 3 of them, as you level up you get soul points you can apply to one or another of them to gain different abilities. Storm Legion added one more to each calling, on top of the 8 there were already. I wonder if there won't be a price cut on the expansion, since that's all it gets you now.


How well will they do with this, and how will it affect the competition? It will indeed be very interesting to see.

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