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Rift 3.0: Nightmare Tide released

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Rift 3.0: Nightmare Tide is now live.The second major expansion to the MMORPG, it adds 3 major zones to the game, raises the level cap from 60 to 65, adds a new mini game, "Minions", within Rift, and many other changes. Still free to play.


Read all about the changes at http://riftgrate.com/3-0-content/


Homepage: http://www.riftgame.com/en/

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It's definitely strange. I applaud their decision to make only 10% of the content underwater, even though the new zones are in the "Plane of Water" - a little swimming goes a long way. The way they did that is downright bizarre - after swimming awhile, you pop out into a giant bubble, you're walking past fish flopping around. You meet the mermaid queen, who tells you about the terrible force that's taking the water away, and gives you a quest to rehydrate the merfolk who are getting all dried out. Props to the devs for originality - I never would have thought of that one.


Another whole zone is glacier - no swimming there, obviously, though I haven't been there yet. Probably be a long time getting there, there's a lot of territory to cover.

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