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Lunarsoft reflections

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As Lunarsoft does not have a "product" to run the forum for, (such as ccleaner does) it has been interesting to see the way the forum has developed.

There now seems to be a better balance about the forum, with the social side quite strongly developed and the assistance side almost up there with it.

I had concerns a few weeks back about new members being reluctant to post what they consider may have been looked on as trivial matters to the obviously talented "staff". Also it's a very close knit community here!! However these concerns are almost gone.

My hope is for this balance which has been arrived at, to be sustained. This is a great forum with a good future.

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I think people will realise Lunarsoft is a place where they can come to have a laugh or get help with problems without getting ridiculed, some playful banter may take place with people that have become part of the family (so to speak), but newbies will be treated with the respect they deserve, especially if they are asking what would be regarded as stupid questions. After all, we were all newbies at some point.

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I think this place is WONDERFUL and that's why I'm still here. I had NO need to go anywhere else after I was introduced here. I was afraid at first to post anything, but I fit right in with the "FAMILY" here so quick and ya'll made me feel like one of ya'll right away.

The only thing I might suggest is that maybe we have a NEW topic of NEWBIES CHECK THIS OUT or something like that, and in there let them know that they are welcome to post anywhere on the forum and join in the fun as well as the Tech side. That might open it up wider. I do know that a lot of people read this "bantering" back and forth, just look at the "views" so it's not just the close knit here that are reading and enjoying :hug:

*re-reading my post* ok, I usually talk and type in better English than that, but I'm beat!!! Been a long week and I start packing and moving tomorrow. Ya'll forgive me, or KISS MY A** :cuddle:rofl.gif

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