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Michael Valentine

Is this a dream?

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Seriously though, Hi my name a Todd Hardpecks, :cool: I a virtual porn star.  You've probably seen me in such films as The Sims; 1 thru 3. Extra in the night clubs on the Jersey Shore, Hot Bod on Y&TR,  Body double for Duke Nukem, and Dwayne the rock Johnson.  Im my spare time, i chisel and sculpt marble statues of semi godlike body.  When I'm not beating down the vine wrath with my impressive pecks, or beautiful bi-cepts, you can catch me directing my latest video production in Divinity's Reach.  We are always looking for young and beautiful talent to star in our next production.  :cool:




Oh ya, you liked it :D


On a More a more serious note, you'll find out who I am ingame pretty quickly, whether ya like me or not is up to you, not that I care, but I like to bring the party  :)    



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