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Hey Tarun and LS, probably don't remember me but I probably have old posts buried in here somewhere. I use to play the original GWs and you helped me a few times on GWG Tarun. Btw thx for that. I joined the steam group and you can find me playing all sorts of games on steam.

Current Games

Final Fantasy 14(Cactuar server). Don't got this one on steam.

Civ 5

Town of Salem

Killing Floor 2

Talos Principle

The witcher 3

...and a lot more lol

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I could go into a text wall of detail but I'll keep it short.

Dungeons are abandoned and broken due to Anet axing their dungeon team and using programming contractors. Enemy A.I. is very clunky in some areas of the game (especially dungeons) and the reward system becomes more dull and unforgiving over time. There's also the living story which was poorly done; Anet chose quantity over quality. I quit GW2 around February of 2014 and came back about 2 months ago only to find them selling the living story for about 1600 gems. As a returning player I felt punished for leaving in the first place instead of being welcomed back. I also found that nothing really changed in a major way during the 15 months I was gone except for more skins in the Black Lion Casino and a decent map (Silverwastes) which I farmed to death. I must have opened 3000 champ bags and got 2 exotics worth 1-2g and it wasn't until I got a single random champs bag somewhere else that I scored an exotic worth 60-70g. The fact that Anet is giving new players the base game for free with HoT kind of felt like a big screw you to the current player base as well.

As for WvW I gave it a serious amount of playtime when it first came out but found I didn't enjoy it due to the zerg mentality of it. PvP feels unrewarding and lacking in game types(playing it made me miss Jade Quarry from GW1).

There are other things I didn't like but I'll leave you with this for now. If you want to know more just ask. :)




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Almost a year later, interesting to look back and see what has changed.

Dungeons are alive reward wise, though there's no team/fixes. LS3 is about to come out. LS2 was free if you were playing when they released each chapter. If you missed it they sell it in the gem store. Skins are still mostly gem store, especially gliders. PvP has events every so often that get you a colored icon by your name... Rather meaningless since they reset them every month or so.

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