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Microsoft adds LinkedIn to Cortana

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With the launch of Cortana, Microsoft’s hope is to build a digital assistant that can help manage both your personal and professional life. Cortana’s integration is based on a digital notebook that works between multiple Windows PC’s, Tablets, and Phones. This notebook can store events, show finical information like stocks, provide the weather, show recent movie trailers and even help track UPS packages. 

In regards to productivity, Cortana manages appointments and can provide suggested departure times for meetings based on local traffic. Recently, Microsoft has expanded Cortana’s functionality with LinkedIn.

Users now have the option to add their LinkedIn profile to Cortana’s notebook. A user does this by selecting their notebook and going into “Connected Accounts”. From here, users can log in with their LinkedIn account. Doing so, now allows Cortana to aggregate information about those you will be meeting with for your next calendar appointment. 

No problem there, you might think, but you have to remember that Windows 10 sends quite a lot of information to its servers in order to 'simply trying to enhance the program by understanding what users do'. With the addition of your LinkedIn account to Cortana, Microsoft takes one further step in 'understanding what users do'. 

Stop Windows 10 from spying on you. See here for the solution.

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