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How to change the search engine in Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge comes with Microsoft's own default search engine, Bing.com. That's not a problem if you like Bing but it is if you want another search engine, such as Google.

The solution is a bit elaborate.

- Open Microsoft Edge and goto 'Google.com'
- Select the “…” more menu in the top right corner
- Select Settings from the menu
- Scroll down to “View  advanced settings” and hit the button
- Scroll down to “Search in the address bar with” and hit the button
- Choose “Add new”
- You'll now see a list of available search engines
- Choose “Add as default” 

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What a hassle. I truly hate the stripped-down GUI in Edge. Of course, I use Firefox anyway, but I did try it out - after doing so, I'm sure I'll be using Edge even less than I used IE, and I used IE almost never.

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