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Partitioning question


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Hi guys,

i partitioned one of my drives into a 150 and 100 partitions. i want to delete the 100 partition (after moving the files to another drive), but will affect the files on the 150 partition? basically, i dont want to lose files, but i want my 1 drive to be simply a 250 drive. thanks. :D

****! i posted this in the wrong forum! sorry Tarun. :shocking:

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Nope, it won't do a thing to the other files.  Are you using software like PartitionMagic to resize it?


I really wasnt sure as i havent looked at what is involved yet. Ive never done it before, i just know what i want to do, and thought i should ask before skrewing up hundreds of gigs of stuff.

what do you suggest?

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