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Luna Element 4 - help needed

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I have been trying to get Luna Element 4 to work ever since it was first mentioned by Tarun on CCleaner forums.

I have the UXTheme patch, which I have downloaded from various sources so far, but it always seem's to be the one that I have anyway.

Below is the information that pops up when I hover over it:


When I install Luna Element 4, and then try to apply it, the best I can get is Windows Classic view.

In C:\Windows\Resources\Themes I now have the following:


Should I delete some of these and then try again?

I have searched the deviantart forum for help, but although I have noticed posts with the same problem as mine, there is not any help available.

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LE4A is the current one. I've seen what you're talking about though I'm unsure what exactly the cause is.

My UxTheme.dll is dated 05/26/05. I have two UxTheme Patchers as well. v3 and v4.

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