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Yes. I only use my home computer. But when, for example I check my admin log at proboards forum, it will show a list of post changes, etc, the user name and the ip. Mine has several different ip addresses. And this has happened at other sites i have visited as well. i dont use a router or proxy or anything-just pay my dsl bill and away i surf.

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its just kind of weird.  Tarun, you log ips here dont you?  In my posts, is my ip always the same, or does it change (please dont post my ip (s) though).  thanks man!


Your last twenty posts have had four different IP addresses, which indicates that you don't have an always on connection, and you must re-connect to your ISP every so often, which would mean you get a new IP address assigned to you each time you connect, this is known as a dynamic IP address, some ISP's do allow you to have a static IP address which will remain the same all the time, but usually costs more to have.

As Ma TriX 0978 stated this is a good thing really.

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