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Virtual plague in WOW

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I couldn't decide where this belonged. I think it's funny, it's gamer news, I don't know. :D

It seems the World of Warcraft programmers put in a dungeon where you confront the dreadful Hakkar, god of blood. If you kill him, he infects you with "corrupted blood", which kills weaker characters instantly, and severely weakens the stronger ones.

It's only supposed to infect those in the area of his corpse, but some bright player figured out a way to spread this disease out in the virtual world. Soon the virtual streets became littered with virtual bodies.

A couple links: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4272418.stm

BBC NEWS | Technology | Deadly plague hits Warcraft world


Virtual plague spreading like wildfire in World of Warcraft

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