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Google Earth type program


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I have just downloaded, but not really tried out to it's full potential a similar program to Google Earth.

This one is called World Wind and has World Wind Moon bundled with it. It has been created by the guys at NASA but is now open source.

World Wind allows you to see the world in detail just as Google earth did, but with the addition of World Wind Moon, you can now explore the moon in the same way.

It has been added to the Lunarsoft.net freeware list in the reference section, but here is a link anyway.


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G'day folks,

Worldwind takes over where GE falls over.

With GE the resolution for built up areas is exceptional, but once you get outside the urban areas the resolution and detail is quite poor.

Now the same can be said for WW as it's urban resolution leaves something to be desired, but outside urban areas, as stated, it beats GE hands down.

Now, having said that, be very aware that both of these programs consume a HEAP of bandwidth and can chew up your down/up load limits very quickly, especially if you're on a metered plan.

Apart from that, I've had heaps of fun using both and have no complaints with either of them.

Cheers :)

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