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Suggestions of apps to add to the AMT repo

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Honestly, of those I would have preferred to add HWInfo. Unfortunately it does the same thing that CPU/GPU-Z do on their official sites... Their downloads have the file version number in the filenames. The problem with this is that any time they release a new hotfix/bugfix or quick update, the version number changes. So even something as simple as CPUZ_2.23.zip going to CPUZ_2.23a.zip. These sort of programs have to be monitored very close for when they update to make the necessary changes on this end.

As far as TeamViewer, in the past it was discussed about adding TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and other remote desktop apps. The problem here stemmed from how many scammers try to use those remote desktop softwares. If someone was to need help via RDP, it's easier for the tech to simply send it to them or walk them through it.

I would love to do more with AMT. I'm hoping to figure out a way to allow those downloads as discussed above as it will open up more possibilities.

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