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I'd be happy to!

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Hello, there. You may recall my pathetic contributions to the CCleaner Forum. Or, if you ever visit the Mozillazine Forums, where I specialize in handling the Firefox questions that have been asked and answered a thousand times before, you've probably encountered my posts. If you've seen greenknight32 on MajorGeeks Forum, well that's me, too! (Apparently they already had a greenknight, who'da thought...)

As you can probably tell, I have no life.

Why greenknight, you may ask? (You don't care? Well, I'm gonna tell ya anyway!) It was originally a chess room handle, before I dropped that as a security risk. "Knight" is also because I come from Castle Rock, WA. And "green" because I'm an organic grower.

I also collect cactus plants. I read omnivorously, I'm interested in almost everything. Except celebrities, I don't know why anyone cares about celebrities.

Well that's enough for now (more than enough, you say?). See ya around the forum(s)!


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