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Bridging network


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Hi, I have three computers. Two are Wireless and one is Wired. We have a ADSL 645Series modem/Router and a NetGear MR814V.2 Wireless/Cable 4-Port Router.

I am trying to bridge the two Routers. Do I have to have one Wireless and one Wired connection Eabled? I need to know cause Mine and my Mom's computer are on Wireless but I can bring the Modem and Router to my computer and have mine Wired and have my brothers run on Wireless.

I'm not quite sure what to enter when I bridge. However, I do understand that I will need my Account Info. cause our ISP "Sprint" Requires Log-In. And If I'm right Should I copy my IP Address from the Modem by going into the Modem config. status page?

Right now are Connection is messed up and I just found out that are Modem is a Router or... somewhat one. I was told by our ISP that it needed bridged cause they saw that we were having Connection drops on us. They tested us and they found the problem. I'm the Computer network guy at the house so... I'm having to do all of it. I can't trust my ISP as they have some dumb people who don't know crap!

Well, hope you can help...

"All computers have Windows Xp Professional Sp2"

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i just went through a similar problem setting up my newest network with DSL, it was sort of a pain.

you will most likely have to call the DSL provider and talk to their tech support so they can help you change the settings of the modem before you can properly use the wirless router.

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