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  • changes.png Changelog:
  • Added Lunarsoft.net theme and released it.
  • Added few more Lunarsoft.net theme graphics.
  • Fixed logo issue.  (Haha there you go Capman, it'll work on your IE at work now!)

Nice one. :D

I still need to ditch IE at work though, somehow.

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Never really needed a USB drive, I just email everything I might need in other places to my gmail account, might get one for that purpose though.

Look forward to the buttons.

BTW, just trying out the 'Add the 'Edit by' line in this post?'

Could this not be a mandatory thing.

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  • Administrator

It's not mandatory.

Are you sure you fixed the logo issue?

This is how the Frontpage looks in IE and FF now:

This is how the Forum looks in IE and FF now:

Did you refresh the page and/or clear your cache?

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Just turned the computer on again, and the logo's looked OK on the Frontpage and Forums.

However, I thought I would clear the cache, shut FF, run CCleaner and see what happens.

Started FF again, and the Frontpage logo was wrong again.


It is now OK again, I can't work it out.

Edited by CaPMan
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