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Bad Behavior Installed

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If you should submit forms too fast, you'll get blocked (temporarily). In other words, if you get to a page and immediately submit a form, it looks like spam to Bad Behavior.

If you get blocked, wait ten seconds and go back in your browser and try again.

I have been blocked by Bad Behavior! What do I do?

In extremely rare circumstances, Bad Behavior may block actual human visitors. Bad Behavior was designed to target robots, not people. If this happens, the profile presented by your browser matched that seen from actual malicious robots. In most cases, this is caused by over-aggressive personal firewall/browser privacy software. In some cases, this is caused by improperly configured Web proxy server software.

Try disabling the browser privacy settings in your personal firewall/browser privacy software, and/or bypassing the Web proxy and making a direct connection. Disable any download accelerators in use, especially if you are on dialup and your ISP provided you one. (These so-called accelerators rarely speed up anything; our analysis of these accelerators indicate they usually slow things down!) If all else fails, try a different Web browser with a new user profile.

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