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Found 19 results

  1. Found a bug in the Anti-Malware Toolkit? Let us know by posting a new topic with [Bug] at the start of the title and be sure to tag it as a bug too! Example: [Bug] Pause button does not stop downloads Your bug report should contain: Anti-Malware Toolkit version Operating System Antivirus Firewall .NET Framework version Bug Description and Reproduction Steps:
  2. For anyone who is wondering... While I have not had the time over the past several years to update Anti-Malware Toolkit (AMT) I am keeping its database file as up-to-date as possible. I do still want and plan to do version 2 and have made several attempts in the past. Important things in life have taken priority though. When I do get around to version 2, support for Windows 10 (or the current Windows at that time) will be the latest supported. I will also target the latest .NET Framework that supports all currently supported Windows. There will be no Legacy support for Windows 9
  3. Version 2 has been released! Changes: [New] https support added. [New] Support for modern security standards. [New] OS detection for Windows 8.1, 10. [New] Json support added. [New] Standardized menu icons added. [New] New menu items for faster access to common areas. [New] Settings now accessible through Edit menu. [New] About now accessible through Help menu. [New] Numerous optimizations of code. [New] User agent to identify Anti-Malware Toolkit. [New] Skipping partially downloaded file will delete the partial down
  4. Version 1.13.326 has been released. Changes: [Fixed] Resolved issue where XML list was not downloading properly. Download: Lunarsoft Link: Digg This!
  5. Have a suggestion for the Anti-Malware Toolkit? Let us know here!
  6. I have just downloaded the Anti-Malware toolkit. Upon trying to open it I get an error message "An error occurred parsing the XML. The remote name could not be resolved". What do I do?
  7. I have the same error message. When I click OK, a window appears similar to the WIKI Anti-Malware Tool Kit, but it has three tabs, main, settings and about. Everything else seems to be blank. There are no packages to select for download. At the bottom is an active key 'PC CleanUp'. When clicked the PC Clean Up Checklist appears.
  8. A computer technician installed Lunarsoft and Avast anti-malware in place of the CA ant-malware I had on my computer. Optimum provides this free. This was a while ago, and I wonder if it's a good idea. I've always heard that you shouldn't have two ant-malware programs on your computer at the same time. I don't know why he did it; he was fixing another problem and did this at the same time.
  9. Okay recently the Anti-Malware Toolkit started this first problem a month or so ago, it stopped downloading the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Program, I had to use the link in the program when the Malwarebytes program was highlighted to go to the site and download it manually, I think it is due to they redid their site and the area the toolkit went to to download isn't there anymore, it has been either changed or moved. Also today the CCleaner isn't downloading right anymore, it downloads but the program is not working, I had to go to Priliform to get it as well. That may have been a corruption
  10. Tell us about why you like the Anti-Malware Toolkit, or what you find useful about it! Feedback is always welcomed! :)
  11. While development of AMT 2 is very slow at this time as every bit is being coded from the ground up (a full recode). We'd like to hear what applications and categories people would like to see in AMT2. Apps in the current version can also be recommended, and some will automatically carry over. :)
  12. I'm running Anti-Malware Toolkit 1.13.326. I downloaded last night at home and again at the office this morning and i'm finding that the definitions for malwarebytes won't download. "Remote server returned an error (404) not found". Otherwise great program. Thank you for your efforts.
  13. When i try to run the Anti Malware toolkit, i get an error that says: .NET Framework Initialization Error C:\windows\microsoft.NET\framework\v2.0.50727\mscowks.dll could not be loaded any suggestions ?
  14. Hi, I installed AMT after it was praised in a computer magazine. It was only a short article, but said program would download latest versions of various security tools, plus updates for them. Closing words were, 'When you're ready, click Download' and the program will get to work.' I've done that, and I see it's created a Desktop folder. Trouble is, I'm not sure what's been achieved, if it's downloaded updates, has it installed them - or is there something else to be done? Is there a user guide for simple people like me, or would someone be kind enough to explain how I use the program?
  15. We are aware of the issue where the XML list is not being downloaded properly. This is being worked on and a fix will be released soon.
  16. In attempting to track a windows update problem I have encountered additional problems. After downloading and installing the Anti-Malware_toolkit recommended programs, Some will not run to completion (SpybotS&D, Hijackthis among others) Retry by clicking on icon results in the following error: "Windows can not access specified device. You may not have appropriate permissions to access this item" I ran the PC-Cleanup to the letter but no good results. I have run Dial-A_ Fix numerous times. Any suggestions?
  17. How was the Lunarsoft Anti-Malware Toolkit created? is it created by tarun or our other members
  18. Used AMT on a notebook the other day and this is how it displayed.
  19. Today at 5:35PM EST (+DST) the Anti-Malware Toolkit reached it's 100,000th download! Best of all, Anti-Malware Toolkit has not been out for a full year yet. The Anti-Malware Toolkit has come a long way since the beginning. It has changed both development languages, names, and layouts several times. Screenshots are below. It's nice to know that there are people who are using the Anti-Malware Toolkit to fix their computers. Be it friends, relatives, or techs from near and far. Thank you to everyone who has donated and shown support for both Lunarsoft and the Anti-Malware Toolkit. It's one way
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