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Found 4 results

  1. Basically, Firefox will have a major bug fixed after many years where the style sheets are loaded in a much better method. Source: https://blog.mozilla.org/nnethercote/2015/07/01/firefox-41-will-use-less-memory-when-running-adblock-plus/
  2. Google knows that its Chrome browser is a serious consumer of RAM, but the development team is reportedly very aware of this, and are working on lowering Chrome's RAM consumption. Thanks to a Reddit AMA session, a Chrome for Android engineer said: "We are actively working on reducing battery usage and we are looking into when Chrome is in the foreground and in the background. Since its inception Chrome has been focusing on security and performance of the web across all supported platforms. Performance sometimes has come at the cost of resource usage, but given the importance of the mobile platform this is one of the top things we are looking into". View the full article
  3. It seems that DDR4 isn’t as far away as we thought . According to Crucial Memory’s promo page it’s going to come out late 2013. There is just one month left till the years end. So that being said, we are going to have DDR4 in our PC’s hopefully by next month. Of course DDR4 has a different architecture, meaning we are going to need a different motherboard, we can’t just put them in our old DDR3 systems. But, is it worth upgrading to DDR4? Crucial Memory also provided a comparison chart with some specifications of what DDR4 will offer, just to show you the difference. The DDR4 will only eat up 1.2Volts as stated by Crucial , while having twice the speed of DDR3 Memory. DDR4 will run on a base memory speed of 2133MHz while having 4GB as their minimum density. According to the chart, we can see that DDR4 is 100% faster than DDR3, requires 20% less voltage and has 300% more density than that of DDR3. View the full article
  4. Not as exciting as rridgely's new computer, but I've finally got a better video card - and will soon be installing a much faster processor. I decided the way to upgrade this old computer was with parts pulled from other old computers (when I discovered how super-cheap they are). So I'm now running an ATI Radeon 7500 32MB 4X AGP card - yeah, I know, still pretty weak. A BIG improvement over the old SiS 6326 8MB 2X AGP card it replaced, though (don't know why that even worked, 2X AGP cards are not supposed to go in 4X slots). Browsing is noticeably snappier with this card, I guess the old one couldn't even handle Web graphics gracefully. This one's said to be a Dell OEM part - why it's only 32 MB when normal Radeon 7500s were 64 MB, only Dell knows (did I hear someone say "Dell sucks"?). Only $14.95 from Weirdstuff Warehouse - they've got lots of them, unsurprisingly. Downloaded drivers from ATI, swapped the parts without a hitch, everything was going real smooth - until I ran the driver installer, which mysteriously gave a message that it needed to install from an admin profile (which I had), and aborted. It worked ok with Windows generic driver, anyway; but then I found I had no sound - I'd failed to plug in the speakers. Still no sound after I plugged them in, but I ran the driver installer again, and now it worked. Sound worked after that, too. Don't understand this, but I'm happy that everything's working. At the same time, got an AMD Duron 1200 MHz CPU to replace the Duron 700 Mhz I'm running now. This should work without even a BIOS upgrade, according to my research, but I'm going to do a little more checking on that. Only cost $10.95, anyway; shipping & handling for both was another $11.57. Then I blew a whole $8.00 (w/shipping) on a better cooler from Newegg - the old one's fan is getting noisy anyway, probably due for replacement besides being inadequate. Altogether, 45 and a half bucks for a major upgrade. Still need more RAM, though...gotta start saving up .
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