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Residential Gateway Modem Troubles


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Ok, I'm not very good at describing things but here it goes...

I am currently using a speedstream 6520 (Siemens I believe) and I am connected to the modem via ethernet and NOT usb as that was what was recommended by my isp. For a while I had no problems whatsoever but recently the modem has been suddenly stopping (the dsl light specifically) cutting me off from my precious online games. So, I was just wondering, why my dsl router is suddenly stopping? It will stop and then come back, but boy is it annoying because it happens frequently!

I might be going camping soon, so if I'm not able to respond promptly, thanks in advance,



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If you are truly using DSL make sure that you have installed any ISP supplyed phone filters. You can also do simple troubleshooting like changing the cable going from the wall outlet to them modem. Try and see if there is a pattern developing of when you are loosing conectivity and then report back. I'll do what I can to help, but 9 times outta 10 the modem is shot.

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