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Create a malware removal tutorial?

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How about you create a malware removal tutorial and sticky it in the tech support forum?

I've sent a lot of people to one on MajorGeeks, which has good advice, but it's so long and poorly-organized that a lot of people seem to have trouble following it.

It would be great to have one I could send them to, with more confidence that they'll actually be able to complete it. Here's a link to that MajorGeeks tutorial, if you want to see what I mean: http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=35407

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Just came across the PC Maintenance page. Hadn't seen that. Not surprising that I missed it, there's nothing to tell you it's there!

Nobody's likely to go there until they've already generated a HijackThis! log, which should really be the last step, after they've already tried everything else.

<edit> Checked out that link, those instructions are just what I was asking for; nice and logically arranged, not intimidating at all. Now, if it were just easier to find...

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I'm working on making it into a module that works with the frontpage so it will appear soon enough.

That'll be an excellent addition to this site.

One suggestion for your cleaning procedure: add "Turn off system restore until the cleaning is finished ", and instructions how to do that.

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Is there such a thing as a self help kind of tutorial to teach people to read their own logs? I would love to learn to read them. Would it be a lot of time to learn? House, work, kids, all kind of bite into the extra computing time. Maybe online courses with support forums? Just some thoughts I was kicking around in my noggin. :D

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