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Trouble at the Patent Office

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I had some trouble at the Patents Office the other day.

I was attempting to get a couple of inventions registered and the clerk was most unhelpful.

The conversation went as follows:


Me:         I’d like to register this invention please, and I placed it on the counter.

Clerk :    What’s that?

Me:         It’s a folding bottle.

Clerk:     What do you call it?

Me:         A Fottle - it’s a folding bottle.

Clerk:     What else have you got there?

Me:         This, and I placed my second invention on the counter.

Clerk:     What is this then?

Me:         It’s a folding carton.

Clerk:     And what do you call it then?

Me:         Isn’t it obvious, it’s a Farton, a folding carton.

Clerk:     Look, these inventions are all a bit silly, and the names are quite ridiculous, a Fottle and a Farton, I don’t think you’ll go very far with inventions and names like that.


With that I turned on my heels and left.

If that was the attitude they had, there was no way I going to tell them about my folding bucket!!!


Cheers :P

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