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cpu and pf usage


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I have just been looking around my computer (as you do) and looked at my results for cpu usage and pf usage. My cpu is virtually nil, but my pf usage is over 200. After looking in google I see there is some conflict over whether this should be of concern.

My computer performs quite well and I still have half my memory free.

I would be interested to hear what people on here think.

windows xp sp2

amd athlon 64 processor 3000+

512 ram

nvidia fx5500

160 hard drive

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I don't do anything out of the ordinary I think. The only thing I don't do is play games. Have a lot of music and photo files and keep mobile phone records etc (via bluetooth)

As I said my computer works quite fast. How would I know if adjusting the page file size had become a necessity?

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Anything graphics intensive is a surefire bet that the pagefile should be modified. Things like Photoshop and games (First Person Shooters, RPGs, etc) depend on a pagefile.

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